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We scored draw with the Židovice football team

Sports fan from the Židovice village, where our technology centre is based, had a chance to see an incredibly captivating football match. Our team played the household squad in an exhibition that finished with a result more fitting for ice-hockey, a 5:5 draw. More


French Championship Started At the Paul Ricard Circuit

Last weekend, the Paul Ricard circuit saw the start of this year’s French Truck Racing Championship series. Also pilots racing on the special from our technology centre jumped up the winners‘ podium. More


The circuit truck racing season starts

Contrary to the tradition of the past years, this year’s European Truckracing Championship series started in Valencia. Following the departure of several car factories the Championship has reduced significantly. Neither the specials from our technology centre will start in the series, as there is a different schedule ahead of us. More

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