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The French Cup continued with two races in June

The French truck racing championship continued with two more races in June. After the opening weekend at the Paul Ricard circuit, Charade Grand Prix was awaiting for the pilots, followed by the Nogaro Grand Prix. This time, however, none of the pilots of the North Bohemian Renault climbed to the podium. More


Trucks from MKR Technology got points in the French championship

MKR Technology is back on the racing circuit. This year, the North Bohemian designer Mario Kress and his team of technicians prepared three Renault Trucks for the French Truck Racing Championship. The first race weekend in France also brought the first podium for the Portuguese pilot José Sousa. More


We scored draw with the Židovice football team

Sports fan from the Židovice village, where our technology centre is based, had a chance to see an incredibly captivating football match. Our team played the household squad in an exhibition that finished with a result more fitting for ice-hockey, a 5:5 draw. More

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