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About team

We are a development and service team, building racing specials for the European Truck Racing Championship and the British Championship series. The MKR Technology team was established in autumn 2009 as a racing team with a crew of its own two pilots. From early on in the 2010 season we were among the most successful competitors in the entire European Championship series, which was confirmed by winning the „Constructors‘ Trophy“. Afterwards, a silver „break“ followed, yet as soon as the next season the team gold returned to our hands. Founded by the renowned German constructor Mario Kress, our team is the only one in the truckracing history to have achieved the truly unique maximum of having three pilots on the main race winners‘ podium (Bösiger, Lacko, Oestreich - Most, 2011). The trucks from our workshop missed only the individual trophy. The one to get the closest to it was the Swiss racer Markus Bösiger in 2010. Eventually, the French Renault Trucks car manufacturing company withdrew its support after four racing seasons. Although MKR Technology stopped its racing activities, the extraordinary features that our trucks can offer and the know-how we posses did not let us leave the racing circuits altogether. We specialize in the development and construction of the fastest trucks there are, providing service and technical support to other racing teams. Simply speaking, MKR technology has become one of the foremost construction specialists.  

Mario Kress

The technical executive manager and MKR Technology’s chief designer whose developer ideas has been enriching the truckracing world for twenty-five years already. Truckracing has become a life-style for the Czech-based German truck constructor. A tireless engine never losing steam, a machine bursting with ideas – a combination that has made him nothing short of a living legend. Without much exaggeration we could say that Mario can teach any vehicle that he touches to win. In the past he was only rarely mistaken. He debuted in the European Truckracing Championship series in 1989 as a member of the Q8 Truck Racing Team and celebrated his first title three years later. Since then he has conquered the contest many times, also in the colours of other teams and car manufacturers. Following the successful period of co-operation with Buggyra he decided to establish his own team, MKR Technology, in 2010.   






The first racing season. MKR Technology’s history began already in the autumn of 2009. With endorsement from the French Renault Trucks car manufacturing company the team was built by the German constructor Mario Kress, who could draw up on his extensive, almost twenty-year-long, experience with the truck racing world, during which he contributed to numerous European Championship titles in both individual and team ranking. Full factory support from Renault Trucks, supplying the engines, design and hospitality and providing the factory‘s equipment in the French town of Lyon, make MKR Technology one of the most significant truckracing teams in the world. The team is based in the little village of Židovice in the north of Bohemia, where an elaborate modern technology centre has been constructed. There are two pilots representing the team, the Swiss Markus Bösiger and Germany’s Markus Oestreich. Together they won the title in the team ranking, dubbed as the „Constructors‘ Trophy“ based on the Formula 1. In the total ranking, Bösiger celebrated silver medal and Oestreich occupied fourth place. All in all, year one was literally a dream season.



The team is expanding and Czech fans have a reason celebrate, as MKR Technology signs a Czech pilot, the talented youth Adam Lacko. Standing on the starting grid with him are his colleagues Markus Bösiger and Markus Oestreich. Together the trio achieves a historical milestone. Never before have any team’s pilots occupied the complete winners‘ podium in one race. MKR Technology is the first one to make the record. During the European Championship round at the Czech Most circuit our pilots reigned over the main race, with Bösiger winning it and Oestreich and Lacko occupying second and third places repectively. The truckracing world is shaking with fear in the face of the trucks from our workshop. However, title from the indvidual contest is still avoiding us. Lacko ends up with bronze, closely followed by Oestreich and Bösiger on the sixth. The Bösiger/Oestreich duo reach for the silver in the team ranking, while Lacko, who has teamed up with the French pilot Anthony Janiec to form MKR Team14 Juniors, finishes on the third place.



The well-established Adam Lacko, Markus Bösiger and Markus Oestreich trio start the team’s third season together. This time, the team fighting for the „Constructor’s Trophy“ includes Lacko and Oestreich, which proves to be the right choice. Lacko and Oestreich succeed and after a year-long pause the team title is back in the hands of MKR Technology. Moreover, Adam defends the third position from the previous season. As for the total ranking, the elite six remains unchanged. Oestreich is on fourth place and Bösiger on the sixth again.



The team begins its fourth season with two pilots. Wearing the signature grey-and-red overalls Markus Bösiger and Adam Lacko get into the cockpits among the rumours from Renault Trucks that, as a result of organizational changes in the Volvo Group, our team’s contract is not going to be extended and we cannot rely on their endorsement in the years to come. The information is confirmed at the end of the season. The speculation affects the mood of the entire team, who is stricken with bad luck and accidents. The crash at the Belgian Zolder circuit in which a brutal hit in a Saturday race left Markus Bösiger’s truck completely destroyed has been since known as the „Crash of the year“. But MKR Technology showed the world that, regardless of the circumstances, they never give up. Overnight, the mechanics brought a spare exhibition piece to Belgium and modified it into a racing machine. The effort was rewarded by Bösiger’s triumph in a Sunday race. Absolutely fantastic! After all the hardship, Adam Lacko finished on sixth place in the overal ranking and Markus Bösiger followed right behind him. In the team competition we celebrated bronze.



We have started writing a new history. After careful and long consideration we decided to stop racing, yet we are not leaving the racing field altogether. On the contrary! We are now a part of two prestigious competitions, the European Truckracing Championship series and the British Truck Racing Championships. Racing Renaults from our technology centre changed into new, personalized colours and are being tamed by the pilots José Rodrigues from Team 14 and José Fernandes Teodosio from VTR. Great Britain has become a new home for another pair of our trucks modified for Chris Levett and Ray Coleman. We also act as the service team for the pilots and simultaneously continue working on the development of our own technology.   

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